Words Rule the World

See I’m trying to dissect the directions in this dialect 
So I’m logging in the dialog that the sun seems to be dialing 
Diagnosing these agnostics with my diatonic diagrams 
And converting with my concerts and the concepts in my diaphragm 
cuz I’ve decided to decode all these decades of debate 
To realign what’s real so relax and maybe relate
So I can relay the replay with some reverb and delay 
Some verses and a D.J reversing the decay (D.K) 
A choir in the chorus and some chords right at the core 
Acquired from the story that is stored inside the storm 
You see the words within these tones are like a sword inside a stone 
Sworn to fine tune your files with the force of fire in this micro-fone 
So journey through my journals and visit all my visions 
Listen to the list of verbs coming through my verbal mission 
Pause to examine the samples and all the examples I promote 
Then apply all your applause to the apple in my throat 
An appliance for alliance spreading seeds like a disease 
In defiance of the headings that need to be deceased 
Cuz I’m not happy with what happens when authority’s in the authors 
And I resent the presentations of the laughter in the slaughter 
So they audience of audio must keep auditioning this oddness 
Converging into conversations about subjects and objects 
Conveying conservation and protecting the project 
So detect defective logic and start progressing the process

Professional professor inspired by the spiral inside the spirit
Silently guiding the conscience with the science
Planting to plant the planet with sentient sentences
(See cuz words rule all the roles in the world)

The art that ya hear is the heart of the Earth 
Healing all our heads with what our ears have heard

All these animated animals and creative creatures
Signing their signatures in nature so proceed with the procedure
Experimental quest, experience full of questions
(See cuz words rule all the roles in the world)

The weight of my ways is way heavier than heavens 
Even more clever than them several sevens and elevens 
Where the chains of chance can charge or change a man 
But see I’ve chose to chase something other than that plain plan so 
Follow the flow of the moments inside this movement 
See the skill in my skull while I improvise improvements 
From within my laboratory where I form this elaborate labor 
Liberating with literature that’ll never be obliterated later 
Cuz I demonstrate with my demos how to demolish all your demons 
Keep a positive position while depositing the dream in 
Let this music be a muse and a muscle for amusement 
You can study my studio from the stadium like a student 
All these weird words and contemporary tempos  
From these instrumentals echo in between your mental temples 
Rhyming over rhythms while the clock clicks and tick tocks 
So now you know why we all call this shit hip hop

Let these messages massage your generic genetics
Made from maternal material from your paternal parents
Revolutionize your life through evolution of mind
(See cuz words rule all the roles in the world)

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