The Game That Can't Be Played

I've seen a doctor with a disease
An author that can't read
A musician that's deaf
and a photographer that can't see
An officer on speed
A mobster that's not mean
A cashier that can't count
and a popular jock geek
A dentist with bad teeth
A pig that can't eat
A good writer that fills beats with chicken scratch sheets
I went to the beach yet didn't get wet 
but saw a lifeguard that drown
next to some fish that couldn't swim
on a rainy day with no clouds
Was the only one in a crowd
in a room full of nothing special
except an unfunny clown
laughing at his own echo
I've seen a stupid scientist
Seen a newborn dying quick
Met a plumber full of shit
and some poor people buying it
Seen a psychiatrist in therapy
bought insurance without a guarantee
Went to the hospital got hurt
and caught a contagiously rare disease
Seen an ambulance in an accident
and firetruck in flames
Gave a cab driver a ride
and made him pay me for it in change
I've beat the game that can't be played
Heard words that couldn't be defined
Seen a bird that couldn't fly
So I guess I'm the man that'll never die

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