It’s like I just woke up one day and I was born...that was it... 
Saw the stork who laid me on the floor and then took off and soared 
Left me chilling by a doorstep outside in a storm yet 
I can’t seem to remember what happened before that 
Too far back but there’s a forecast in my forehead 
Telling me that it’s similar to what happens after you’re dead 
but then again I’ll never know for sure 
So ain’t no need to strain my vocal chords 
or believe the explanations I’ve been force fed 
Oh lord! I don’t go back instead I go forward 
and learn how to stay warm during these cold wars 
Of course I cherish the main source 
I really just don’t care if you call it god or a waveform 
As long as I get more time to explore til I get bored and forfeit 
Abort this once it becomes too much of a chore to support shit 
but i’ma take what’s in store on the way to the morgue and record it 
so my story’ll live on even after I’m a corpse
cuz ever since 88, back when i was a baby ape
I’ve felt that I was strangely placed in a life filled with crazy days 
And I still haven’t been able to find a word that can define or even come close to describing the types of things that I’ve seen 
What makes it even weirder is that I’ve already been here for over 20 years 
and that face in the mirror still don’t look familiar 
so I grab some paraphernalia, smoke til it gets clearer 
feeling the breath in my chest lessen every second that death keeps stepping nearer 
but i don’t fear it cuz i know my spirit will live on with these lyrics 
as long as people hear this so who really cares about my appearance 
i’m serious...I swear that actions hold the most weight 
So don't just be attracted to them chromosome traits

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