Standard Deviant

With open arms I focus hard to fix the broken shards of glass 
that have become the hearts of man and mother Earth 
sand and dirty dust as the ashes wash away into the wind 
I let go of thoughts from the past until I learn to walk away from this 
Lack of closure holding me back except now I feel it’s time to move forward 
and find a new course in life with a better source of light 
to help me see through this darkness 
mapping the way out so everyone can reach the target 
on the path of sympathy and relating through empathy
cause that’s the closest thing we have to telepathy...listen
If only I could show you what I’ve been through and what I’ve seen 
I bet you wouldn’t complain about your issues and failed dreams 
but then again you’d probably just tell me the same thing 
it’s ironic how I’m able to predict what you think 
Still why focus on the differences unless we’re growing for the better 
Using what we were before to add up to higher measures 
subtracting what we have to for life to rearrange 
enough to lead the way in the fight to free the slaves 
because the only chance we have to make this world a place of peace 
is if one by one we decide to be the change we wanna see

appreciate and seize the day is how i live now 
don’t need the hate or counterfeit smiles 
I keep away from childish frowns 
and sleep awake so every hour I be wiling out 
about this profound life and how it’s always counting down 
that’s why the people crowd around, from in state and out of town 
helping alleviate their pain with my style of sound 
so fuck a talent scout, we deviate from the normal scene to make the planet balance out 
setting new standards

I ain’t mean I’m nice and above average 
Not a normal guy...I live through odd evenings of madness 
Trying to keep happy and not be all sad and depressed 
don’t ask me questions because I’ll answer I don’t k(no)w maybe yes 
I guess it’s been a long strange trip through this short life of tall tales 
Following the trail from head to toe through the rain, snow & hail 
Finding out which things I need to lose in order to win the game 
Working to break the tie and noose until they can no longer fix the chains 
Checkmate....never settling for the stale always quite fresh 
ever since my birth & it’ll be like that til my life’s death 
it costs some freedom to save the slave land, flying to make the fight end 
Started to see it’s wrong when I saw we don’t have any rights left 
see it’s a heavy task carrying this light through the dark 
but whether it’s exciting or dull, bet I make sure to stay sharp 
I don’t play, can’t stop, gotta go so if you wanna come 
I got something new to bring for the old & the young 
Making em strong for everything during the weeks of the month 
Turning soft hearts into hard heads...nothing easy to budge 
Don’t just stand up for any truth. refuse to lie down on the ground 
Fuck being low, I’m staying high so yo goodbye for now I’m out


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