Lately I’ve been feelin like it’s all just a dream 
Forever caught in between the future and all that I’ve seen 
I can’t seem to piece together this puzzle....ripping my head off 
In a world where no one’s subtle anymore how can I be humble? 
Still I try to help the caterpillars fly thru this vanilla sky 
to help my villains die by taking psilocybe and killin time 
trippin on these billion lives that came out of nowhere 
but cold air...treating ourselves like we’re so rare 
Really I don’t care I’d rather recognize my insignificance 
and use it as fuel to bring difference to others’ existences 
However diluted no matter if it’s of a lesser congruence 
I’m destined to use this flesh til death comes and ruins  
whatever’s left of this mess of a human 
Left in confusion wondering if this is just an illusion 
but i forget the conclusions and instead shift my head from separate to union 
Accepting the movement of this marathon 
despite the riddle of this paradox of life

Searchin for a purpose in this endless sea of patterns 
so many people sometimes i wonder if i even matter 
but then i realize the goal is to see that my soul is never separate from the whole 
Sometimes it’s like i’m just another face in the crowd 
Anonymous...another body just chasing the clouds 
but then i realize the goal is to see that my soul is just playing it’s role

So I open my eyes and wake up hoping to find
a reason for why we all just get older and die 
while these moments get frozen in time 
Everything I’ve ever seen always echoing 
through these memories that I keep holding inside 
Alone in my mind....there’s nowhere to hide from the past 
so i stay unattached til I figure out my part of this plan 
It's hard to understand when you’re still bound along the edges 
but you’ll see the bigger picture once you get how it’s all connected 
putting together all the segments of this mosaic 
role playing in each location then rotating 
it’s so strange but that’s the only way i’ve found to make it work 
yet the thing that hurts the worse is after death there’s no escape from birth 
still i’m OK in this position of endless existence unable to exit or finish 
starting to see I never really entered to begin with  
forever just living in different conditions and witnessing infinite visions of wisdom 
going through every decision within the divisions of this limited system 
repeating eternally building it up and breaking it down  
then forgetting how it’s made so as you pass away it’s like “Remember now?"
everyone has a place and we're all forced to play a part 
but you can't find your inner peace til you figure out what piece you are

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