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Alpha Triangle, Omega headphones  
over meditating monkey stoned zoomed into the zone 
living in a world where everything you get is just a loan 
and at the end you get to pay back every single thing you owe 
but if you don’t then the bill collector takes away your home, 
takes away your bones and everything you own 
and the only chance you get to dig your self out of this debt 
is to live another 1000 lives and die 1000 deaths 
so check I live each one with no regrets and do my best 
even though i know that at the end it gets reset 
but i don’t sweat it, no edits, roll the credits, 
if i said it, i meant it, and if i didn’t then forget it,  
let it be, and just dead it, get it? 
got it good, probably shouldn’t be so bad 
either way i was made to adapt  
despite the circumstance I watch the circles dance in the sky when I’m mad  
and learn to laugh at my life and the times that have passed 

turn the last page of this chapter,  
no need to search for answers, 
never find em when you’re looking,  
once you stop, you find it after 

sitting in this dark room just staring at the walls 
sometimes it feels like nothing’s really ever there at all 
except the thin air that i share with the dust and the dirt 
trying to make the best of it for whatever the fuck it’s worth 
sometimes it makes me berserk but nowadays that’s normal 
in a world full of crazy people being overtaken by hormones 
it’s horrible…somethings only the lord knows 
i’m just here to do what i was meant to do since i was born so 
what else is there to expect? no rules to tell you how to play 
only some guidelines to help you out along the way 
now each day I live knowing it could be my last 
but if it’s not well then shit I might as well save a little stash 
for a new dawn……wouldn’t be the first time i been proven wrong 
here's some food for thought.....gotta learn to move on 
to see that truth is can be whatever you want 
all you gota do is start painting on a new wall

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