John C. Lilly 
"I feel that I am merely an agent giving you some keys which have been given to me to pass on to you..." 

Timothy Leary 
"Think for yourself and question authority" 

Alan Watts 
"The web of life....and therefore it consists of now you see it, now you don't; 
because that's the very nature of energy is to be like waves and waves have crests and troughs" 

Robert Anton Wilson 
"All that is, is metaphor.  We're trapped in linguistic constructs" 

Aldous Huxley 
"Brave new world" 

Hans Jenny 
"Watch it before your eyes, any-everything owes it's existence solely and completely to sound" 

Rupert Sheldrake 
"The morphogenetic fields are invisible patterns in space that have a kind of memory. 
Every species has a collective memory and every individual draws upon it" 

Ram Dass 
"Be Here NOW..."

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