Free Speech

Taking acid with my face slanted worse than rain man 
brain damaged padded in a half metal straight jacket 
break dancing like Sage Francis with Wayne Static hair 
wearing a shirt on top of all of it that says “I HATE HANSON” 
see these ain’t stage antics this is how I take action 
cuz as everyday passes I wish I didn’t have to pay taxes 
it’s a plain fact the masses are at the same status 
that’s why i go against the gray matter to make the pain vanish 
looking up at space askin’ why i’m stuck on this strange planet? 
i can’t manage so i search for a paint canvas to make magic 
fuck being satanic i’d rather bring havoc 
by taking some spray cans and making my name splatter all over some train cabins 
either that or keep the tapes tracking, beats and bass blasting
leaving fake asses in tragic famine with less than half a plate ration 
but me I eat peeps alive like that creature from lake placid 
so beating me’s harder than gettin a cain addict to change habits 
it ain’t happening so don't test me bunch of gay faggots 
why don’t you go and throw that stank trash in the waste basket 
I'll choke you out and make you turn blue but I ain't no James Cameron
you can’t hack it...just go back home to your stained mattress 
I’m more insane than Frank Zappa on some dank hash mixed with 
eight glasses of jack and cocaine laughin at plane crashes 
pinching from everyone’s nickname is St. Patricks
we in different weight classes....i dare yall cows to bite this praying mantis 

(Cuts by DJ B-Sly)

I’m the craziest sapient ever born with an alien’s cranium  
Thrown into a form that’s reinforced with titanium radium 
spontaneous maniac hiding uranium in nine stadium gymnasium atriums to bomb them all simultaneously 
call me Damien leaving on miscellaneous missions  
to spread my atheist visions and put an end to patriotism 
yeah so maybe I’m twisted...but blame it on my circadian rhythm 
I was raised in an asylum with nobody to pay me a visit 
My daily existence consists of afternoons in padded rooms 
Shock treatment for the evening and for the weekend I eat a bag of shrooms 
and then proceed to jump out of an air balloon without a parachute 
and land without a pair of shoes but only if you dare me to 
crash land in my grave grab my tombstone and sign it 
Light myself on fire and cut off both of my eyelids 
Nail my own coffin shut while somehow still inside it 
Bury myself alive without food just to see if I can survive it 
On some David Blaine shit, only I probly ain’t gonna make it 
cuz I did it all at some strange location wasted and naked 
as a fugitive, escaped lunatic just doing stupid shit 
and acting foolish all for the sake of being humorous 
like all my screws are loose and I just blew a fuse 
sniffing some superglue through a hookah tube as thick as a hoola hoop 
Man i’m a stupid fool but most people think that I’m super cool 
cuz I crashed my Subaru while fucking solving a rubix cube 

Following the lineage of the Phoenix 
Lost somewhere between an idiot and a genius 
I never knew life could be as hideous as a fetus  
but I guess that’s only if you’re oblivious to the secrets

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