eMotion Picture

Rewinding my day trying to replay the past to remind my brain 
Fast forward to tomorrow yet it still feels like it’s the same  
I wish that pain didn’t exist that way I wouldn’t feel so broken 
Skipping through all the good parts yet the stuff that sucks is stuck in slow motion 
Hoping to just pause for a second and gather some better thoughts 
So I can write them down on all these notes that I keep inside a letterbox 
Don’t let it stop....before it gets to the wicked twist at the cruel end
that’ll make you wanna grab your two lenses and start to zoom in 
Listen again but this time make sure you add the subtitles 
and watch the clock call out the next chapter upon a sundial 
Wondering why my DVD keeps repeating these deleted scenes 
but it’s probably GOD secretly downloading my life illegally 
Watching me up in heaven like a reality show on TV 
believe me...there’s a different channel for every species 
Oops edit blooper cuz I don’t believe in God or the devil but I sniff devil’s ether 
Y'all can view it in the special features...

Some people say that life’s a movie, I say it’s a documentary 
with a bunch of perpendicular universes full of alternate endings see 
and either way in each and every case all my identities  
have a soundtrack with the type of shit y'all could rock for centuries

So here take a sneak peak at this 
what if the world’s like a green screen and your mind’s making the 3D exist 
Coloring in the pixels while rods and cones be going on and off 
in your optical window shufflin over by the volume knobs 
except these audio signals that form your life are the type that can’t be muted 
mixin in with visions recorded live at the highest resolution 
stored inside your memory, organized upon a menu screen 
And all you gotta do to see what’s next is search the options and select a scene 
surfing through the sharpened waves of air comparing different contrasts 
of brightness and darkness til uncertain particles collapse 
on the field, observant eyes directin every (single) frame per second 
projecting emotion pictures til the light burns out and gets ejected
I mean don’t you think it’s weird how earth appears to be a sphere 
giving off a blu ray spinning on this drive that lets me steer the gear s
with this remote control pushing buttons in my chromosomes programming
reformatting my tongue with open closed captions

Lights! Camera! action!  Panoramic hologram across the planet 
automatically causing static within the battery pack 
A balancing act between all of the wide modes of my mood 
getting tunnel vision cuz i’m stuck inside all these slide shows on the tube 
based on what I’ve chosen to do and setup from different angles 
standing by passing the guide so I don’t get strangled by this TV cable 
yet never sleeping on the table of contents it’s brainwashing 
so take caution not to let the idiot box become your coffin 
start unlocking the power to cause these special effects 
input the info on the counter and then enter the set  
ok uncensor your head but dont return to that rerunning thought source 
change what’s possible and alter the encore like....

Life’s not a movie, it’s a documentary  
of a bunch of perpendicular universes full of alternate endings see  
and either way in each and every case all my identities   
have a soundtrack with the type of shit y'all could rock for centuries

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