John C. Lilly 
"I feel that I am merely an agent giving you some keys which have been given to me to pass on to you..." 

Timothy Leary 
"Think for yourself and question authority" 

Alan Watts 
"The web…

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Gonzo Journalizm

It's the ape prodigy taking off the leash and going on a space odyssey creating novelty
Another broke monkey with no money it's so funny that's me, here i am, the monk with the key

Some people say that…

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Words Rule the World

See I’m trying to dissect the directions in this dialect 
So I’m logging in the dialog that the sun seems to be dialing 
Diagnosing these agnostics with my diatonic diagrams 
And converting with my concerts and the concepts in my…

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The Game That Can't Be Played

I've seen a doctor with a disease
An author that can't read
A musician that's deaf
and a photographer that can't see
An officer on speed
A mobster that's not mean
A cashier that can't count
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In the Amazon with a shaman staring at a lava lamp 
taking shots of liquid vodka mixed with ayahuasca plants 
tripping balls, seeing pictures on the walls 
feeling bugs crawl up on my skin 
talking to the wind that’s calling from within …

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Free Speech

Taking acid with my face slanted worse than rain man 
brain damaged padded in a half metal straight jacket 
break dancing like Sage Francis with Wayne Static hair 
wearing a shirt on top of all of it that says “I…

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Agenda 23

As I channel these rhymes yall better wear an antenna 
prepare your agenda, these lyrics are bout as weird as Terence McKenna 
I’ve stared at dementia so I ain’t scared of omega 
cuz ever since the placenta man I’ve been…

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It’s like I just woke up one day and I was born...that was it... 
Saw the stork who laid me on the floor and then took off and soared 
Left me chilling by a doorstep outside in a storm yet …

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I was aborted at birth but according to nurses  
I came back to life to fight a war for the Earth 
I got my pen from the stone and put my sword in the dirt, 
started organizing words and then…

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Red Alert

Im on an expedition to spread this exhibition of definitions 
and stretch the limits of your recognition with my prepositions 
I’m having premonitions of demolition and broken bones 
for those whose flows are full of repetition 
My flows’ll overload your…

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It’s been said that you can never step into the same river 
for the river’s always changing with the current 
but then again it’s been said that you should never say never 
because nothing never ever lasts forever 
Well either…

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Standard Deviant

With open arms I focus hard to fix the broken shards of glass 
that have become the hearts of man and mother Earth 
sand and dirty dust as the ashes wash away into the wind 
I let go of thoughts…

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Last Page

Alpha Triangle, Omega headphones  
over meditating monkey stoned zoomed into the zone 
living in a world where everything you get is just a loan 
and at the end you get to pay back every single thing you owe 
but if…

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Lately I’ve been feelin like it’s all just a dream 
Forever caught in between the future and all that I’ve seen 
I can’t seem to piece together this puzzle....ripping my head off 
In a world where no one’s subtle anymore…

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eMotion Picture

Rewinding my day trying to replay the past to remind my brain 
Fast forward to tomorrow yet it still feels like it’s the same  
I wish that pain didn’t exist that way I wouldn’t feel so broken 
Skipping through all…

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K(no)w Self

All you gotta do is be yourself 
That's the key that'll free you from the cell 
There's no need to be like anyone else 
Remember that & there will never be no jealousy felt 

I remember the 1st time…

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