RX Ableton Sessions - Creating Hip Hop in Ableton with Advanced VST Plugins

What up World?!?!  To coincide with the official kick off of "THE RX SHOW," I decided to also do another series of videos recording my sessions in Ableton.  The sessions will be entirely improvised with no previously written concepts, although, I will edit the videos after to take out the super boring parts and jump straight to the good shit lol.  This first session came out surprisingly not too bad considering it took me a few attempts learning how to route all this audio and video simultaneously without error.  Damn nightmare I tell you.  Some of you might even notice I clipped the audio in Ableton a few times, yet in my headphones it sounded fine.  Still working out little kinks but I will address this all in future episodes.  PART 2 COMING SOON!!



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