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The RX Show - Episode 033 - Assasin tha General & Taebo Manuhs  

Assasin tha General on the RX Show!! featuring Taebo Manuhs of the Born Sinners, the emcee + DJ duo drop their latest project "Heart of the Assasin" LIVE for the 1st time ever on the stream. Stay Tuned!!!

The RX Show - Episode 032 - Sick.Life  

Sick.Life on the RX Show!!!! We got Rob, Deron and E$ representing the crew going in depth behind the scenes of the Sick.Life movement!  We get into some discussion about previous and upcoming projects, the studio spot, tv, etc.  Stay tuned!!!

The RX Show - Episode 031 - Dxrty Bxrd  

We got Dxrty Bxrd in the building this time around!!!  Representing Three O x Centrill from El Paso, TX!!!  In this episode we get into the history and upcoming of Dxrty Bxrd, talk some crazy stories, etc!  Stay tuned!!!

The RX Show - Episode 030 - Sonny Wesson  

We got Sonny Wesson in the building!!!  Representing CASH FAMM/Sick.Life, Mr. Wesson digs into the history of the making of his empire while sipping back a few brews with the dudes as usual!   **The audio on this episode is louder than the mics so enjoy the music videos for now!! Later we will get Sonny Wesson back on for the Cash Famm episode in which the re-interview will occur.  Stay tuned!***

The RX Show - Episode 029 - Wox  

This time around we got Wox from Next Level Recordsl!!! From the video to the audio, we get into all of Wox's previous projects and talents in depth!! We also got some special guest appearances from Lack Nicholson and Mr. E.S. from Refraktal!!

The RX Show - Episode 028 - Sadida  

This time around we got Sadida!!!   In this episode we talk about Sadida's upcoming album, "Blessed to be Cursed" dropping this Summer!!!  We also get into his previous projects and releases as well as some of his collaborations throughout the years!!! and of course we drop a freestyle segment at the end with a special beat by Chrisu beats from Germany!!!

The RX Show - Episode 027 - Verse & PureLogic  

This time around we got Verse aka Henny Hendrix and special guest PureLogic up in the house!!!  In this episode we get into promoting some of the new music they got coming out plus discuss some previous projects in more detail for the inside scoop. We also do a little recap of the Attack of the Flow Gods show that went down this Sunday!  Stay tuned!

The RX Show - Episode 026 - CompoZe ft. The Lab Smoke Shop  

This time around we got Compoze with special guest, Jimmy owner of The Lab Smoke Shop!!!  In this episode we get a little sneak peek into Compoze's new release, his work with SMS and other upcoming/previous projects!!  We also get into some details about the upcoming show this weekend featuring RA the Rugged and AFRO!!

The RX Show - Episode 025 - John Steady  

This time around we got John Steady!!! This episode we talk about Steady's previous and upcoming projects including his latest band Seek the Fire as well as bringing up his solo ventures.  And as always we get into a little freestyle segment!!!

The RX Show - Episode 024 - Saik Uno  

This time around we got  Saik Uno of Next Level Records!  In this episode we get into a more in depth look at Saik Uno's history within Next Level as well as solo ventures!  And as alwyas well drop a bit a freestyle for the cravers!!!