Debut Album now available on CD Baby! 

After a long strange trip through this short life of tall tales......"Big Bang as the Mirror Breaks" will finally be available on all music platforms through the help of!!  In celebration of this, RX will be offering FREE streaming of the entire album on for a short period of time. If you enjoyed listening or would like to support RX, be sure to hit the link below to download the entire album or your favorite RX tracks one by one!

Rx the Pharm Tech on!!! 

Musicoin is a new cryptocurrency specifically made to enhance the listener and musician experience by creating a platform where listeners can stream music for FREE while artists still can generate revenue!  The system works based on a pay per play protocol where each time a fan listens to a song the artist gets paid by the process of musicoin mining.  In other words, each time a fan streams a song they technically mine a coin reward for the artist.  If you would like to support this technology please check out the profile I have set up below and help spread the word to other musicians!!

The RX Show - Episode 033 - Assasin tha General & Taebo Manuhs  

Assasin tha General on the RX Show!! featuring Taebo Manuhs of the Born Sinners, the emcee + DJ duo drop their latest project "Heart of the Assasin" LIVE for the 1st time ever on the stream. Stay Tuned!!!

The RX Show - Episode 032 - Sick.Life  

Sick.Life on the RX Show!!!! We got Rob, Deron and E$ representing the crew going in depth behind the scenes of the Sick.Life movement!  We get into some discussion about previous and upcoming projects, the studio spot, tv, etc.  Stay tuned!!!

The RX Show - Episode 031 - Dxrty Bxrd  

We got Dxrty Bxrd in the building this time around!!!  Representing Three O x Centrill from El Paso, TX!!!  In this episode we get into the history and upcoming of Dxrty Bxrd, talk some crazy stories, etc!  Stay tuned!!!

The RX Show - Episode 030 - Sonny Wesson  

We got Sonny Wesson in the building!!!  Representing CASH FAMM/Sick.Life, Mr. Wesson digs into the history of the making of his empire while sipping back a few brews with the dudes as usual!   **The audio on this episode is louder than the mics so enjoy the music videos for now!! Later we will get Sonny Wesson back on for the Cash Famm episode in which the re-interview will occur.  Stay tuned!***

Creating Hip Hop in Ableton with Advanced VST Plugins Pt. 3 - Embellishments  

Part 3 of the "Creating Hip Hop in Ableton" series! 

For those watching, thanks again for tuning into the series and making it thus far. Hopefully you will enjoy this one and feel free to leave me comments if you'd like to have me go more in depth on specific things in future videos ;) 

This time around we go super deep into some of the most advanced VST plugins I know of, Izotope's Stutter Edit and NI's Reaktor FX - Molekular!!! Using these 2 plugins along with some Ableton stock effects, I added some embellishments to the bare bones structure of the song to give it more life and spice things up a bit. 

Jump to 19:30 to hear what we added with the Stutter Edit. Jump to 36:30 to hear what was added with Molekular. 

Once again feel free to leave comments if you'd like to have me go more in depth into some of the plugins or mixing concepts in future videos!!

The RX Show - Episode 029 - Wox  

This time around we got Wox from Next Level Recordsl!!! From the video to the audio, we get into all of Wox's previous projects and talents in depth!! We also got some special guest appearances from Lack Nicholson and Mr. E.S. from Refraktal!!

The RX Show - Episode 028 - Sadida  

This time around we got Sadida!!!   In this episode we talk about Sadida's upcoming album, "Blessed to be Cursed" dropping this Summer!!!  We also get into his previous projects and releases as well as some of his collaborations throughout the years!!! and of course we drop a freestyle segment at the end with a special beat by Chrisu beats from Germany!!!

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